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Privacy Notice:

This privacy notice, before anything, was done as a sign of respect to the visitors of as well as for mine, Naomi Husband, as the administrator. Please, read the following terms which were done for everyone’s convenient. In the case of questions about this privacy notice or any other question or comment, please reach me through the “Contact us” link or through any social media’s private messaging option. strongly suggests to be contacted if any questions emerge.




The privacy of everyone who visits is very important. This privacy notice is intended to inform visitors how their general information is collected for statistical and analytical purposes and how the intellectual work in is protected.

General Statistical and Analytical Collected Information


Whenever a visitor visits, only the visitor’s country is collected to analyze the traffic popularity of the website. The pages viewed by any visitor are collected in order to better improve the content of the posts which helps the “The Most Viewed” tool to display the most popular posts.




The emails collected, if any, of the visitors who comments on is not shared with any third parties and is only kept with the only purpose of providing the commenter with the chance of having a quicker response to any questions or suggestion he or she makes. Unless otherwise stated, the emails addresses are not use for any other purpose than of providing an answer to a question made. Most of the times, when a visitor posts a comment or a question, it is replied to in the website and rarely replied to the email itself.

No personal email is made public when posting a comment.


Social Media


When a visitor chooses to like TheMangakainYou through Facebook or to follow TheMangakainYou through Twitter or any other social Media, the visitor is, by default, allowed to share any post or work from with their Social Media network under the following conditions:

  1. The visitor is not allowed to take credit for any of the images or any post written in TheMangakainYou website.
  2. If the visitor has worked along Naomi Husband in any of the work posted in the website, the visitor is granted the right to claim the work as also being their own as long as the visitor also credits Naomi Husband and any other person or company who also contributed to the work in question.
  3. All visitors are granted the freedom of free speech as stated by the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Any reviews or personal thoughts given by the visitor about any work or post in TheMangakainYou is sincerely welcome and appreciated by us, whether positive or negative.




Email subscription with TheMangakainYou,com is an action done freely by the visitors who want to be notified when a new post, event, contest or work is posted in The email addresses are not shared with any third parties neither for targeting purposes nor for the offering of related material. Any comments of answers gives is mainly done through the website and is rarely done through the email address itself.


Intellectual Work

All of the intellectual, graphic or creative work posted by are not to be downloaded or printed for any purpose other than for personal reference when trying to practice the drawing or creative advices given by

If the visitor would like to buy a work created by Naomi Husband for other purpose than for personal reference, then the visitor is welcome to make a private inquiry directly to Naomi Husband to discuss the rights and the terms. Any intellectual, graphic, or creative work posted by a visitor in is owned by the visitor and not by A visitor, by posting or submitting a work to, by default, grants permission to or to Naomi Husband to share the work in question publically for advertising purposes. The visitor will be acknowledged as the creator of the work. strongly suggest the use of watermark or any other digital protective measurements when posting a work for the visitor’s own protection. is not, by any means, or under any circumstances, to be hold accountable for damage, loss, or stolen work posted or submitted by the visitor to


Contests or drawing competitions is committed to celebrate, motivate and nourish manga creation and contest will be made for this purpose. By Participating in the contests, the visitor agrees to the following rules:

  • The Visitor must submit work made by the visitor itself and not by someone else. does not have the means to verify the authenticity of copyright rights of any material submitted and will not be hold accountable by any means nor under any circumstances for the damages, losses for the submission of stolen material.
  • The Winner(s) are chosen by the terms already stated in the contest. compromises on selecting a winner that meets the requirements, already stated in the contest, to win.
  • Sometimes TheMangakainYou might choose to have a contest or competition judge other than Naomi Husband. In such event, it will be previously stated in the contests or competition terms.
  • Each contest or competition is unique. The winning of one competition or contest doesn’t increase the chances of winning in future contests or competitions.
  • By submitting a creative, graphic or intellectual work to participate in a contest or competition, the visitor agrees to grant or Naomi Husband the right to share it through social media for advertising purposes. The name of the creator, whether a winner or participant, will be recognized as the creator of the work in question.
  • com, when doing a monetary contest, suggests the winners to check their respective tax laws, if applicable. In the case of winning, a payment will be made either through a money order or through a money sent service like Western Union to ensure the proper payment of the prize.
  • If the winner of a monetary prize contest or competition is under the age of 18, then the money order, or Western Union money service, will be made payable to only the Parent(s) of the contestant.


Other Terms


  • When replying to a comment to another visitor, reserves the right to edit the comment in case offensive terms are used.
  • Constructed criticism is encourage by as long as it is made for the benefit of the work’s creator so the creator can improve his or her drawing skills.
  • No Profanity is to be tolerated.


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