Contest submission Anime Drawings (Beginner)  

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follow url You can start submitting your drawings now!!!!!

see url In the comment section, you will find the option to submit a JPG file. Remember that for beginner submissions, you must have been drawing anime or manga for 6 months or less!

follow link source link Don’t forget to include a little bit of history about your drawing!!! You are the artist, so let us know what your resolution for 2015 is, how you came up with it and include a link to your website so everyone can see more of you work :D I am so thrilled!!!!!

best prices on viagra Remember the rules:

go to site buy viagra uk You will be disqualified if:
1. You post something that you did not draw.
2. You draw nudity.
3. If someone drew part of your drawing.
4. If you post obscenity comments about someone else’s work.
5. If you post any unfinished work.
6. If you post fan art.

click For more details on the contest, check it out here :  [addlink url=”” text=”Contest Details”] Ganbatte!!!!

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Naomi Husband
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Naomi Husband

Fun facts about me:
-My actual last name is Husband.
-I am obsessed with Cheese ^o^
-Before drawing manga, I studied writing, photography and the art of forgiving.
- I could use some physical activity.
-Although I have always loved dogs, lately a stray furry friend is stealing my heart.
Naomi Husband
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4 thoughts on “Contest submission Anime Drawings (Beginner)

  1. Well, yeah I’m a little bit of a new comer and I’ve been drawing manga and anime less than 6 months. Well I will upload 2 resolutions as the contest says we can post.
    My first Resolution is to paint Deppy’s (my friends) room wall! :)
    Deppy was actually into some bad things such as alchohol and drugs. I didn’t actually new her since this year. Evreyone avoided her and she had no friends. And one day I saw her crying and I asked her to tell me whatever bothered her. And since then we became friends. Some other of my friends and I helped Deppy to overcome her problems with these really bad things.
    When I went to her house I saw that her room was so dark and with no colors. Then I said : ‘Deppy I dont care, we are going to paint your wall!’. So she agreed and we will do it on January!
    This isn’t a fake story. It actually happened. Anyway, I’m so glad that I did something usufull in my life and helped Debby! ^.^ !
    I love her very much and I don’t want to see her suffer. I will do anything to make her smile! :D
    Congratulations also for your contest! It’s great to motivate people to draw anime! ;D
    So my drawing is a sketch of what we might draw to her wall! :*
    And yeap! I actually put fire on the paper! :D (Shh! Don’t say anything to my mum cause she will kill me for putting fire inside the house! :/)
    I don’t know if the pic is good cause I took the picture with my phone.
    Hope you like it and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! ^O^

  2. My second Resolution is to organise on February an ’80s and generally an old dressing party!
    Everyone is invited! :D
    So in the picture my chracters seem to have fun! ^8^

  3. Heyllo guyz ^^ this is my drawing komaru-chan XD
    this is my first drawing
    i have a deviantart i can’t open it guyz because of ads!! I’m typing like flash now :| i put my fb page my name in deviantart is Rinchane

    1. Yahoo^^
      Thank you so much for visiting The Mangaka In You!
      I really love your drawing. I think is unique that you hand-colored which proves that you were really trying your best :D
      Unfortunately, this contest has ended :(
      But, we might be coming up with a new contest soon, so hang in there and stay tune for our next contest!! :D


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