Anime Drawing Contest 2014 !!!! Experienced!!!!

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enter site Ready to submit your drawing????? Well, come on!!!

fertility drug clomid cost In the comment section, you will find the option to submit a JPG file. Remember that for experienced submissions, you must have been drawing anime or manga for 7 months or more!

Our Canadian online canadian pharmacy Offering World Class Savings On Generic Medications Plus Free World Wide Shipping, Friendly Support And Best Offers Don’t forget to include a little bit of history about your drawing!!! You are the artist, so let us know what your resolution for 2015 is, how you came up with it and include a link to your website so everyone can see more of you work :D

I am so thrilled!!!!!

Remember the rules:

source You will be disqualified if:
1. You post something that you did not draw.
2. You draw nudity.
3. If someone drew part of your drawing.
4. If you post obscene comments about someone else’s work.
5. If you post any unfinished work.
6. If you post fan art.

For more details on the contest, check it out here :  Contest Details



Naomi Husband
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Naomi Husband

Fun facts about me:
-My actual last name is Husband.
-I am obsessed with Cheese ^o^
-Before drawing manga, I studied writing, photography and the art of forgiving.
- I could use some physical activity.
-Although I have always loved dogs, lately a stray furry friend is stealing my heart.
Naomi Husband
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14 thoughts on “Anime Drawing Contest 2014 !!!! Experienced!!!!

  1. Hey! Just entering for the contest, so excited about it!~
    This is an anime version I did of myself in a hospital scene. My main New Years Resolution this year is simply to feel better. Not to feel better weight wise or anything, just medically. I was born with a minor birth defect, it only affected a toe; but nobody knew anything about the defect or what it was. I’m almost 14, and I had to have 5 surgeries total over this toe. 4 surgeries were for trying to save the toe, 1 was even experimental and the hospital didn’t approve of me to have the surgery for about a month. After all the numerous surgeries and pills taken, we had to have it amputated July of this year. I’m finally getting used to it, I got my implant, got the right pills, and I’m starting to feel better. By the end of 2015, I’m hoping to be medically decent. (I have this other skin disease to worry about, so I won’t be medically perfect, but it’s a lot better than my medical state in previous years.) Granted this has been a Resolution of mine for many years, I have a good feeling about it!!
    Thank you for the contest, it was really fun! ^-^

    1. Oh, I love it!!!
      I think you are a complete inspiration for all of us. It truly shows how brave you are that you are still moving forward despite all of the medical setbacks you have had! You are brave, courageous, intelligent and very talented artist! I feel honor to have received your entry and may this new year bring your resolution to a bright, joyful and healthy reality!!!
      And thank you so much for participating and sharing your story!!! \(^o^)/

  2. Hi, so this is my drawing for the contest (but first i apologize if my English is a little weird because I’m French haha ^^’). Well i’ve just read the story of Holly Jackson and it’s really a beautiful story with an awesome drawing. You’re a brave person i hope you’ll get better in 2015 Gambatte Ne!!!!!! So, i decided to draw a girl reading because my resolution for 2015 is to be accepted in Japanese licence because i’ve already applied last year but i haven’t been accepted :/, that’s why i need to study really hard to have a better chance of being accepted next year :D

    1. I have to say: this drawing is powerful. Even though the main character is not truly facing the screen, one can still feel the happiness she is living just by flipping the pages of her book with magic :D
      And thank you so much for commenting about Holly’s work. That was so nice of you :D
      Great Resolution, love your concept and I so thank you for the effort you clearly put in this piece.

      So Flawless!!! ^o^

  3. This is my drawing for the contest. I’ve been drawing manga and anime for six months now and my drawings mean a lot to me. I never drew anime from references before since I never thought that I could be able to make a drawing that I would be happy with, without drawing it from a reference. So it’s a new experience for me. Since for the contest it wasn’t allowed to draw from references I wanted to draw something that I really like to draw and I also wanted it to look magical and pretty. So I drew my drawing around nature since I really like to draw nature. My resolution for next year is to make my own drawings that I would have invented, and make them around things I love and love to draw, and add a magical touch to them, just like this drawing. Also, making my very own drawings, like this one, is even more meaningful to me than drawing from references, so I really love it. I also really loved to participate in the contest, it was really fun!

    1. Personally, I think that your concept and the way you decided to present your resolution in your work is unique and abstract ^o^
      It is truly enjoyable to see how you played with the colors :D
      Completely love you different choices of green, the flowers and even the fairy you decided to add.
      Most people will put their main character on the center and your choice to put it on the side, instead of on the center, makes my eye wonder around your work \(^o^)/
      Just Lovely and magical!!


  4. I made this artwork a week ago or two and I titled this “Thank You”.

    I’ve lived the whole 2014 being so negative about everything because I suffered with depression and bipolar disorder, I constantly have anxiety attacks but I couldn’t tell anyone because I was surrounded with judgmental people. (Yes, even my parents) On top of that, I found out that I have inherited a family disease which contributed a lot to my depression. When I started college this May, I took a turn for the worst, I felt like I was being attacked at all sides.

    Despite all those issues, I tried so hard to stay positive. I’m so glad you guys did this contest on Christmas because I realized everything I’m thankful for. I have loyal friends, I got accepted in my dream university, etc.<3

    My new year's resolution is to not repeat what I have done in the past years which is forgetting that I can rely on someone, that I don't have to face everything alone.

    My new year's resolution is to not take anything for granted and to value everyone and everything that comes into my life.

    1. First, I would have to say that I totally agree with you! :D being thankful for what we have is more important than anything! It is so easy to get carried away with emotions and sometimes forgetting to say “thanks” happens more often than what we like to admit.
      About your drawing? Amazing! I think every second you have spent honeying your drawing skills have shined in this piece! Love the choice of colors and also love that you decided not to add too much details to the background. That way we focus on what’s in the middle!
      Thank you so much for participating :D
      We hope to see more of your work in the future! :)

  5. I know it may be a little unoriginal in a drawing contest but my goal for 2015 is to draw good enough to make a living out of it.
    Stuck between a part time job and university makes it everyday more obvious to me that I cant live my life working perhaps an office job every day, at least not without trying my best to become an artist.
    I’ve always had a passion for arts but this couple of years it has been more like and obsession and nowadays its stronger than ever.
    I want this year to be the most artistic, and the year after that even more artistic.
    I want to start building my way towards a life of passion.

    Great contest.Great theme!
    Good luck to everyone.

    1. I love this!! I am so happy you liked the theme for the drawing ^_^
      And I don’t think your resolution is not original!!!!! I think it is! And i love your drawing. Digital oil painting it’s the best! I have yet to try it myself :D
      That should be one of my resolutions!!!

  6. Here’s mine!my new years resolution is to study hard so I can go to university, be more happy relaxed and confident in my self, and be a good friend. These characters are from Book Girl. Sorry that I’m submitting this a day late. I hope you can still accept this. Happy 2015!

    1. I love how happy your drawing looks! And thanks for submitting it ^^
      The contest did close on the 31st :/ and it can’t be accepted :,(
      But I can assure you this is not even the last contest i will throw!
      Check out our older posts because the next contest will completely come out of it!!!!!
      Hint: it has to do with an upcoming holiday!!! ^o^
      So no worries!!!! Tour chance to win might be the next one :D

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