About Me ^_^

My name is Naomi husband. I am a photographer, a writer, a poet and a mangaka like you ^o^
This website was created to share the few things I know about drawing manga. I will also be traveling to Japan very soon and will try to get interviews with the many Mangakas in Japan \(^o^)/
Drawing a full manga volume is not easy. We are talking about, at the very least, a 24-page volume with drawings telling a story. You need to have a good sense of where the characters are and how exactly¬† the buildings look¬†in Japan (since Japan is where Manga gets the most attention). If you can’t travel to Japan, the best you can do is study the many mangas that are already published.
Also, you need to be fast. Depending on the magazine, you might be asked to draw a volume per week. I love “love stories” and manga. So, hopefully if I do get ask to draw a volume weekly I will be able to do it fast and have fun at the same time.
Feel free to visit me as often as you can. Post any comment you want. Really anything, whether it is about drawing, or photography or writing or really anything ^_^

Happy Drawing !!