A feminist Review of the Claymore Series Announcement!

Hello, Mangakas!!!


It has truly being a while since my last post and for that I apologize (◕︵◕).

I did get a couple of post suggestions (you can send me one too!) that I hope to write about.

In fact, to make sure I never lose touch with Themangakainyou.com, I am creating the best website planner in the whole world!!

That’s possible, right? (⊙﹏⊙✿)

In another manga news, this post is to announce an upcoming school project (for my class ENG 206) where I get to review a popular manga series!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Wait for it….


Wait for it….


Claymore!!! (More sparkles!!)


But this is not going to be an ordinary review and here are the things I want to point out:


  1. It’s a school project so comments are super, greatly, lovely and extremely appreciated :D
  2. This review will not be a summary of the manga, and I advise to someone who hasn’t read the series not to read my review for it will contain spoilers!
  3. I needed to choose a literary criticism (what is that, you say? Literary criticism are the different criticism of a piece of writing based on literary theories like, Eco criticism, post-modernism, new criticism).
  4. If you are curious about number four shoot me an email and I might make an entire post on each (◕‿-).
  5. It’s going to be heavy, long and will include what other blogs and websites are saying about the series.
  6. My review is based on the Feminism. If there is anything I write that you disagree, feel free to leave a kind comment ≧◡≦.


Did I say comments are appreciated it?


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Naomi Husband

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-My actual last name is Husband.
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4 thoughts on “A feminist Review of the Claymore Series Announcement!

  1. I just got started into reading manga, and I must say I never seen such a website where it makes it so clear and simple to actually even draw manga! I never read claymore and i would love to follow this blog while i read it! Never seen someone do manga for a school project, that’s wicked. I’m not much of a critic but hey I can always criticize Feminism >:)

    1. hahahaha it’s interesting that is a guy who is liking this project. lol where are feminist girls?? lol Thank you :)
      You can subscribe to my website that way you will get a notice whenever I post something.
      Thanks again!

  2. this is amazing :D I hope you have (had?) a lot of fun doing this project :D good luck on getting it graded :) honestly? I wish my school was as cool as that to let me review things that I actually liked. haha :)

    1. Hello Kellie :D
      Thankfully I actually did have a lot of fun doing it. Throughout the project I was really nervous because I really didn’t know how it was going to turn out or if I was actually going in the right direction. But thankfully my grade was awesome. so I ca not complain haha :D
      And you are right, I was very lucky to have a professor (Roseanne Alvarez) to say, hey, this is a project you must do, use all the knowledge you have acquired in this class and apply it by constructing a final project! :D
      It was a hell of a ride :)

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